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Candace Anderson
We are very pleased with the service we received at Polaris of Ruston! I highly recommend working with Mr. Barry Gililand. I bought our Ranger without leaving my desk. He even hand delivered my paperwork to me. I will tell everyone who's looking for an ATV to go see Barry! Thank you Polaris of Ruston for offering great deals and excellent service! (Employee: Barry Gililand)
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John Gaudet
service (Employee: Brian McClure, Barry Gililand, Holly Lolley, Jimmy Wiliams, Stacey Quarles, Ramond Mathis, Tommy McFarland)
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Alex Medina
we are so happy with the knowledge and customer service we received from raymond and the whole crew at Ruston polaris, We have been a returning customer for many years and have always been pleased with their service. Would recommend Raymond and the crew at Ruston to everyone. (Employee: Ramond Mathis)
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Brandon Milner
I bought my daughter a 4 wheeler for Christmas and had a small issue. They fixed the issue in timely manner and kept me informed on the repair. Great people and great service!
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Luke Patton
Best service and sales experience I have ever had (Employee: Ramond Mathis)
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Kim Straughter
Awesome customer service, felt very welcomed! They were all so very nice, professional & patient; as I was a bit indecisive. Before and even after delivery, they took the time to make sure I knew all the ins & outs of my purchase! Purchased a hammerhead go kart. (Employee: Ramond Mathis, Barry Gililand, Holly Lolley)
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Michael Slaughter
They were great (Employee: Barry Gililand, Stacey Quarles)
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Christopher Maryland
They are really professional and help you any way they can. (Employee: Ramond Mathis)
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Brandon Milner
They made the process of getting my little girl the atv she wanted really easy. Ramond, was patient and very informative. Superb sales rep! Barry, made sure we got a deal that everyone was happy with. Holly, went above and beyond on financing and registration. She even brought the paperwork to me that needed to be signed. The entire process was easy and you could tell that everyone wanted to serve. I highly recommend all of the three for a fantastic deal and easy purchase! (Employee: Holly Lolley, Ramond Mathis, Barry Gililand)
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JR (Buddy) Gibson
Al of people did everything they could to get my ranger fixed but having to wait for parts from Polaris very proud of Polaris of Rustion. For theres hard work but waiting waiting on parts. JR Buddy (Employee: Stacey Quarles)


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